A Generic Framework for Library-based Mapping

of Urban Areas


What we propose

In GENLIB we put forward the idea of a Generic Urban Library (GUL) to address the issues of traditional use of spectral libraries. A GUL is a collection of multi-source urban spectral libraries, each provided with ample metadata and structured in a common format.


The GUL is equiped with a toolset that facilitates automatic extraction and labeling of endmember spectra from remote sensing imagery. It also allows GUL spectra to be used dynamically for various applications on multiple sites, using different sensors. The toolset optimizes the GUL for the task at hand.


The GUL also features an online platform with an interface that allows users to share, review or query spectra. Crowdsourcing improves the quantity and quality of the GUL.

This is the vision that we want to contribute to.


To sum up ...

We all bring our images

use GUL tools to extract and

label endmember spectra

get a bunch of spectral libraries

consolidate those libraries in an online GUL environment

then use other GUL tools to optimize endmember

spectra for specific tasks

to support your urban mapping application.

On the next page, we formulate our research objectives.